Blog & Forum Setup

What is a Blog?

A blog is actually a shortened version of Web Log. A blog is a website which continually keeps on getting updated. People have also started to view blogs as some kind of discussion site. It is mostly personal blogs which are run by individuals sharing their personal thoughts and experiences. Many blogs also provide information and views on a perticular subject. For example, there are blogs that talk about entrepreneurship and the kinds of challenges you face and their solutions oo. But, now-a-days blogs are getting used by companies more and more. The reason being
  • Enthrust more trust into your customers
  • Get customers to the point of conversion instead of just leads
  • Engage your customers
  • Understanding your customers and their needs
  • Answering customer queries in a jiffy

What is a Forum?

A forum is a discussion website. In a forum members are allowed to publish, read and comment on posts related to specific areas of theiir likening. A Forum is also termed as a discussion board, a message board or a bulletin board. Forums are mostly owned by individuals.

What we do?

We help you to understand and setup blogs and forums for yourself. If you own a business then a blog or a forum could easily turn out to be the most useful element in getting customers to use your products or services. We build blogs and forums in a way that is beneficial both the ways for you and your readers/customers.
We setup your blog using Wordpress. For forums we tend to use PHPBB more often as provides a subtle solution to all your needs!
  • The team did a great job! This is our first website and we didn't know what to expect. They walked us through the process and helped us at each step of the way.


  • We found Alps team provide an outstanding service and an excellent company to work with. Every question was answered quickly and they went above and beyond what we asked of them.

    Mr. Yogesh,